Portland, OR - The best place in the US.

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Ok, I admit it, I have a passion for this place and the surroundings. So what follows may not be honest and may be a bit -- just a bit -- biased.

Portland is actually a mystery in the US, the place and its friendly inhabitants stand for quality. That’s why they are seen as weird.
Quality? Huh?
Well, quality of life, quality of the environment, quality of the food, quality of the coffee, quality in welcoming visitors, quality in public transportation, quality in cultural activities, quality in outdooring.

Yes, in Portland, you will find excellent restaurants because people there love to share time eating good food and talking with friends. Nobody would stay for only 10 minutes at lunch or dinner here.
Food is seasonal, organic and inventive.
Portlanders like the way of life there: no stress, being friendly, seizing the day.
Portland is open-minded. That's why minorities are thriving there. It's probably exactly why so many people hate the place, because it's friendly to anybody. You can be yourself without judgement.
That is the very reason why illegal and unconstitutional paramilitary troops were sent there in July 2020, to beat the hell out of peaceful persons, the wonderful Wall of Moms, etc...
Imbeciles are threatened and insecure. That's why they want to blame anybody else for their own failures. They don't have their place in Portland.

Want to know more about Portland, OR?

First, Portland it the place of the World's largest independent bookstore: Powell's.
You HAVE to visit the place once in your life. A place where spirits are lifted instead of being crushed.
What would be Portland without her quality food trucks and quality restaurant serving real food. Not junk? Try the Bijou Café for breakfasts. Some nice landmark places like Henry's Tavern after a theatre play or BridgePort Brewery to slack with friends have closed now. But many many other friendly places exist scattered across the town with excellent food.
Hotels are wonderful and they have a sense of welcoming you for real, not commercially.
Try the Vintage Plaza next to Pioneer Square. That's my favorite one.
Nature & Parks: Out for the week-end or after work? No problems: volcanoes, parks (18% of the city), country side.
Portland is a place were you actually can walk and bike.
Downtown traffic is minimal. Public transportation offers bike racks on buses and the tram (Trimet).
It says it all while other build freeways.
And for shoppers, don't forget that Oregon is tax-free!
But what is more exciting is how open minded the city is.
No place for rednecks here.
During my numerous stays there (2-3 times a year since 1994) I had the chance to meet a lot of locals and become friends with them.
Way of life
The architecture, the culture, the spirit, the environment and its inhabitants make Portland so rich.
This town is a jewel... to be saved since it's currently booming and this tends to pervert its roots.
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