A bit about myself

Steve JORDI (aka Stéphane or Stephane)
Steve at 5
Born in Lausanne, Switzerland to a Greek mother and a Swiss father on November 1st, 1964.
Height: 1.80 m or 5 ft 11"
Living in Geneva, Switzerland.

I'm a geophysicist specialized in volcanic and seismic risks and a computer scientist. I call myself a "Software Imagineer".

💉💉 Fully COVID19 vaccinated
That led me to create my own company, TiltSoft, that offers competences in cross-platform software development as well as computerized volcano monitoring, data acquisition, processing and presentation.
You can go to the "What I do" section for more.
And using gadgets, like my iPad, allows me to read almost everywhere I travel to, since I'm an avid reader.

No more heavy books in my backpack, just tons of novels, fictions, reference books carried... electronically.

Finally, even though I'm blessed to live Switzerland (I love chocolate), I have a real passion for Portland, in Oregon (USA).

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Oh, I almost forget: I'm a Geek, I admit. But hey!, life is short, so let's have fun and let's make the most out of it.
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