Well, what I like, and dislike

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How can I say this? I'm not into shades of gray, I'm very polarized though. I love or I just hate, there is no place in between.

But mainly I like everyone with an open mind and interested in heading up, demanding on themselves.
And I hate anyone who is close minded and has no respect for other tastes and opinions.
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    First of all: Many thanks to all women, especially Audrey Hepburn, (she's the quintessence of a Woman) for being the last limit protecting mankind from wild barbarism! (And I really mean it!) One should hire only women to drive companies, the world... they're smarter.

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    I'm Swiss and thus I'm blessed: I'm born in the chocolate country. How can one be luckier than this?

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    There are some places in the World where I feel that life is especially rich, pleasant. Places where I feel well:
    - Venice, Italy
    - Ljubljana, Slovenia
    - Portland, OR, USA
    - Stockholm, Sweden
    - Chicago, IL, USA
    - Italy in general.

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    I love watching movies, just as much as I like theatre, reading books. Eastern Classical Music, especially Russian one. My favorite composer is Dmitri Shostakovitch.

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    Things I hate

    Mainly, I hate:
    - Beer
    - The wind! Oh boy I hate!
    - Men talking about cars
    - Football/Soccer
    - Nespresso. How can one call this coffee?
    - Idiots talking about "taking back their country" and doing everything to ruin it.

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