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Being a computer scientist, I am pretty active in software development, especially native cross-platform development for Windows, OS/X, iOS and Android. I got the virus back in... 1980 when punchcards were the standard, and never stopped since the. To me, coding is Art, a rich creative process.
Coding requires imagination and deep focus abilities.
Writing code can be done by anybody. Writing good code requires some kind of creative mindset.
Being able to get a problem, fully understanding it, break it into smaller modules, bricks, test them and get the expected results is a way to validate everything you're capable of: abstraction, intelligence, seeing the big picture in its finest grain size, providing working tools. This is very rewarding.
You may run into a lot of despair (swearing and/or chocolate consumption) during the entire process, trip over bugs, but when you have the final working polished product, boy, this feels so good.

Specialized in native cross-plartform development as well as volcanology

This denotes using tools to maintain ONE CODEBASE and produce NATIVE applications for Windows, macOS, iOS iPhones/iPads and Android devices, meaning you maintain only one software, you correct bugs and add features in ONE PLACE only, avoiding confusion and adding new bugs using copy/paste.

Also, you don't get a subset of managed or interpreted "apps" like Java or .NET, but native code even for Android as the app is compiled down to the processor, skipping Java crawling performances. I use Embarcadero Rad Studio compilers to achieve such a thing.

An example can be found in the following screenshots, taken from my TiltShopper List Management, my SJMovieDB and my Geomagnetic Earth Reading applications.
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TiltShopper Windows
Stacks Image 1106
TiltShopper macOS
Stacks Image 1109
TiltShopper iOS (iPhone)
Stacks Image 1112
TiltShopper Android
Stacks Image 1117
SJMovieDB Windows
Stacks Image 1120
SJMovieDB macOS
Stacks Image 1123
SJMovieDB iOS iPad
Stacks Image 1126
SJMovieDB Android
Stacks Image 1089
EarthMath Windows
Stacks Image 1092
EarthMath macOS
Stacks Image 1095
EarthMath iOS iPad
Stacks Image 1099
EarthMath Android
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